Appy Event
A useful widget to count down the days until or the days since an important event.
Available in Android Market

Appy Event is a widget that you can add to your homescreen to keep track of how many days to go to a particular event. For example you may wish to count down to a holiday, baby due date, Christmas, birthday or some other special event that you are looking forward to.
Once you have downloaded an installed the app, go to add a widget to the homescreen and you should see 'Appy Event' in the list.
You can tailor the look of the widget, changing the text colour and the background. You can specify two different background colours and the widget will blend to the start and end colours which can produce some fancy looking widgets. An icon can also be added to go with the occasion from the pre-loaded list. Alternatively you can use one of your own images to create a more personal widget.

The widget can also be used to count how many days since a particular event if you specify a date in the past. For example if you put in your date of birth you can see how many days you have lived!