Appy Kids
Simple fun for little ones or the big kid in you whether home or out and about.
Available in Android Market

We all want happy children and this 'Appy Kids' app aims to keep the little ones entertained whether at home or out and about. Select the fun activity from the list and let the fun begin.
The windmill activity is simple to use just blow into the microphone and watch it spin. For those impatient little ones you can touch the screen to make it stop.
Bubble pop is great fun without the mess. When you see the bubble stick blow into the microphone to create the bubbles and watch them fly. Touch the bubbles and listen to them pop.
With Birthday Candle everyday can be like your birthday, without the calories. Blow into the microphone to blow out the candle and touch the screen to re-light it.
Note, presents not included!
Using the Drawing activity, create your own works of art on the go. Select your paper colour and off you go. Don't forget to save that master piece to view again another day. You can even capture images from the camera to draw over. Happy doodling!

We hope to add more fun activities soon.