Decision Maker
Struggle to make a decision? Then let our app take the strain and decide for you.
Available in Android Market

Decisions, decisions, is full of them. What to wear? What to eat? Where to go? Do you ever wish someone would just help you make up your mind? If this sounds familiar, our app will be just what you need! Let our decision maker take the strain.
Simply input text, pictures/images, or both, to represent your choices and spin the wheel to find out what is chosen for you. It's that easy!
Have lots of fun at home, with friends, with your children... who has to change the next nappy? Eat in, dine out or takeaway for dinner? Red, white or rose to drink? Rom-com, sci-fi or action film? Snog, marry, avoid?!
It's not just for adults, your children will love using it too.
We've saved endless time (and tantrums!) helping our son to decide what to eat for breakfast and which book we will read at bedtime.
We've started you off with some pre-set decisions or you can add up to 30 of your own for a personal touch. When using the decision wheel you can choose to turn off its optional sound effect and you can even choose to see Robert the Robot make the decision for you, which is great for entertaining little ones!