Toothbrush Pacer
A simple teeth brushing aid, so you donít skimp on brushing time!
Available in Android Market

Toothbrush Pacer is a simple teeth brushing aid. It is recommended that you should brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day. This useful timer makes sure you donít skimp on brushing time. The timer helps you divide the brushing time equally between the four zones of your mouth. It provides a visual indication of which quadrant to brush and an audio notification when it is time to move to the next zone.
The audio notifications can be configured in the settings screen together with the order of the zones to brush.

From version 5 there is the inclusion of a widget for your homescreen.
  • Go to the 'add widgets' menu on your phone (usually by pressing and holding somewhere on the homescreen).
  • Select the 'Toothbrush Pacer' widget.
The widget shows whether you have brushed your teeth twice today and when you last brushed them. You can personalise the background colour and override the last brushed time from the 'Setup Widget' item in the application menu.