Ideas for Improving Sleep

  • If baby wakes up check for basic needs which have relatively easy solutions e.g. soiled nappies, temperature extremes, comfort of clothes, signs of ill health/pain
  • Use a 'sleep trainer' clock to help your baby distinguish between night and day
  • Develop a consistent bedtime routine (same time and pattern of activities) e.g. bath, nappy, pyjamas, story/song/lullaby, milk, goodnight kisses, bed
  • Provide security objects at bedtime such as a favourite toy/teddy, blanket, muslin
  • Place something that smells of mum or dad in bed with your baby (t-shirt, muslin, teddy etc). This may help them to feel calmer if they wake up
  • Some people breastfeed to soothe their baby to sleep although there is a risk that your baby will become dependent on this
  • If your child is in pain, has a fever or is teething then a paracetamol or ibuprofen based infant medication may help (always follow the instructions on the label and consult your doctor if in doubt before giving your child any medication)
  • Make bed time earlier
  • Ensure night time feeds are quiet
  • Make daytime naps shorter or change the time of naps
  • Include relaxation in night time preparations, e.g. having a bath
  • Try baby massage to aid relaxation
  • Use lavender oil to help calm and relax your baby
  • Use a pacifier (dummy) to help settle your baby
  • Use a baby sleeping bag if covers/sheets are being kicked off
  • Try black out blind or curtains at night
  • Play repetitive noises and sounds to calm your baby
  • Use a night light to increase your baby's sense of security
  • Encourage skin to skin contact to calm your baby at bedtime
  • If your baby has a cold try inhalant decongestant in their room
  • For hungry babies offer food before bed e.g. cereals or milk
  • Consider introducing solids if your baby is 6 months or older
  • Control your baby's room temperature (ideal is 16-20oC)
  • Let baby cry, gradually reducing the reassurance offered
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