Learning through Play

Cardboard village
Cardboard boxes make great play items. Hide inside or crawl through as a tunnel. Make a jack-in- the-box or cut out windows for a mini play house, use as your imagination will let you.

Build with Boxes
Children love to build towers...and love to knock them down even more! Find a range of empty boxes (cereal boxes, tupaware containers, you get the idea) and build as tall as you can.

Mirror mirror on the wall...
So simple yet so funny! Babies and small children love to watch themselves in the mirror. It's lovely to watch them trying to work out just who is staring back at them...and who the person making silly faces behind them is as well!

Bouncy castle
If you have an air bed in the cupboard, try blowing it up, but not fully. Add a fluffy throw or some brightly coloured materially on top for some bouncy fun. Babies can sit or lie down as you help them to experience the movement and explore the material textures.

Ball Bonanza
Why not turn your travel cot into an extra play space. Fill with a bag of plastic play balls for a ball pit adventure. Your very own soft play centre, in the comfort of home! If you've not got access to any balls, an alternative is to raid the sock draw and roll them up instead.

Den Building
Making dens out of throws, sheets and chairs can take your little one on a whole host of adventures. With younger ones, use the same ideas to make tunnels and tents to crawl in and out of.

Paper Planes
Simple to do yet very effective. Watch your child's delight in seeing your plane zoom across the room.

Paper Plates
Why not try making masks out of paper plates. Have fun creating silly faces together then use the different characters to make up stories or role play family members.

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