Fun Stopwatch
Have fun with this child friendly stopwatch. Watch as lots of fun, cute and interesting images are revealed as time goes by.

The Fun Stopwatch is not just an ordinary is a child friendly version, enjoyed by children and adults alike. It has all the functions of a stopwatch, including the ability to record lap times but uses images to add fun and excitement.

Create your own stopwatches by choosing from a range of different images which children will find fun, cute and interesting. As the time ticks by watch the images as they are revealed and have fun guessing what picture will be uncovered … a brilliant way to keep the little ones entertained.

Key Features:
  • Easy to use stopwatch with lap time functionality
  • Multiple timers can be used simultaneously
  • Edit, personalise and save each stopwatch by choosing an image, background colour and name
  • Each image is revealed every 60 seconds throughout your recording time
  • Optional ticking sound, controlled with an on-screen mute button

Images include: sheep, duck, tractor, dog, frog, rocket, horse, teddies , clock, egg, airplane, car, boat, flower, cow.